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        Where Do Ideas Come From?

          My mind and world wander just as we do when we travel.  A trip across the Great Plains lay the idea of Summer Swan ahead of me for endless miles.  A dying old tree lives on to tell its tales in the Witness Tree series.  An old dilapidated house on a cliff over looking the wild ocean of Oregon's Pacific Coast gave birth to Caroline's House .  Black Bayou began as a germ afloat a pontoon boat in the black jungles of the Deep South.  The Lust collection is three novella of just that:  Lust in the Sahara, an island off Russia, and a Plantation on the Africa coast.

         Anything can trigger an idea:  a sandy lane called Squid Way, a noisy bird in a pet shop, a cave in the side of an ocean cliff, a field full of rusting automobiles, the wind in a child's hair, the harvest of grapes on aromatic vineyard, the smell of juniper after an evening shower in the High Plains, the swirling snow on a mountain top, a Caribbean Cruise,  and the list goes on and on.

             In the dark reaches of my computer are partially complete novels with pirates, Hawaiian warriors of old, a group of strange houses in a forest clearing...or maybe a beach.  There are monsters, murderers, and surprises lurking behind every mountain, mesa, and misty sea. 

          Who knows what will happen when my fingers connect with the keyboard.  My character lead and I follow. 

What I Write

My books are romance novels, some of them very erotic, some less so. 

The Witness Tree series (
The Legend of Summer Swan, The Major's Wife, The Outlaws' Woman and soon to be released, White Wind) leave nothing to the imagination and have multiple lovers involved.  The Tree tells of the Grant family from its Indian generation of Summer Swan to the woman who married the Major, to the missing daughter found by outlaws, to the young woman who arrives and claims to be  heir to the entire domain.  All four of the series take place in the wild and wooly time of cowboys, Indians, horses, bordellos, buffalo, and wonderful people.  Oh, and don't forget murder and mayhem. 

Caroline's House has a resident ghost who like the ladies far too much and doesn't care whom he hurts to acheive his seductions.  How can she protect the man she comes to love from an entity that is on longer alive?  Caroline got more than she bargained for when she bought that big old house overlooking the wild Oregon coast.  Are her old friends really friends or are they just the opposite? 

The four young ladies who thought they were going for a week of R & R found themselves instead living a nightmare of the things that lived in
Black Bayou.  Only Ellen finds love here, but can he protect her when the bayou comes calling? Snakes, alligators, a hurricane, a strange bayou family, and worse yet, a murderer.  Things happen to everyone who visits the beautiful but dilapidated old Southern Mansion.

A young bride finds her new husband to be sadistic and evil beyond her comprehension when she travels to their new home in a logging settlement in 1800s town of
New Hope where love and hate reign over everyone here.   After he leaves her, Sarah finds love for the first time in her young life, only to have her lover disappear leaving her alone to somehow make a life for herself and her son.  Kidnappings, mysterious deaths,  cruel men, innocent women, and secrets abound.

The famous movie star returns home for her tenth class reunion with a history of violence following her.    The dark man who plagues her wants her in more ways than one.  Tybee finds that she is not safe even here in this out of the way small town and neither are her friends and foes.  For many of them, everything ends at
The Last Reunion.

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